airport ID badge holder Reelstrap is useful sida badge holder
Reelstrap is very useful for Airport ID badge

Airport badge and Reelstrap

The Reelstrap is very convenient tool for airport employees whose must always use airport badges at airport.


Reelstrap is easily adjusted to the right length only by the push of a button. This gives good visibility to the informations on your airport badge and it won’t bother you while you are working. This makes Reelstrap perfect for airport employees.


Old basic lanyard VS. Reelstrap:

Airport ID badge holder Reelstrap VS lanyard

Reelstrap is more  useful than standard lanyards with retractable badge reels. Standard lanyards always stay the same length which makes your ID-card knock to the keyboards while working and to your plate during your lunch break.

The Reelstrap product is internationally patented and design registered.

ReelStrap patent, design reg. and copyright Pauner Oy(Ltd.). RCD 1152797(EU), FI 8406, United States Patent D623848, Australian Registered Design 330045, Design Registration in Norway No. 082317.


security badge holder Reelstrap good also for homeland and custom security badges


ReelStrap is a new invention from Finland which is especially practical for the transport of you work ID badge. ReelStrap also easily transports your keys and flash drive or cell phone.

ReelStrap - Pack of 25 pcs

This pack includes 25 pcs ReelStraps, so unit price only US$ 13.48 per ReelStrap product. The ReelStrap is the most useful ID holder apparatus. ReelStrap holds also keys and cell phone if needed.