Reelstrap is better than custom printed lanyards

Custom printed lanyards

Custom printed lanyards | Old basic custom printed lanyards have been on market many years. New Reelstrap innovation is much more useful than custom printed lanyards. New Reelstrap is easy adjust right level, but old custom printed lanyards are always same lenght. When you adjust Reelstrap shorter length up, then your ID badge will not knock to the keyboards while working and to your plate during your lunch break, as happens if you use ID badge in basic custom printed lanyards. When you adjust Reelstrap right length, then your ID-badge have better visibility. Good visibility of the ID-badge gives better security. Reelstrap is also convenient holder for keys and cellphone.

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Custom printed lanyards are different than new Reelstrap innovation. Below video demostration shows differences between custom printed lanyards and Reelstraps.

Custom printed lanyards | Reelstrap VS custom printed lanyards

Custom printed lanyards are not as useful than new adjustable Reelstrap innovation.