Breakaway lanyards for badges Reelstrap is the best
Breadaway lanyards for badges - The Reelstrap is the best solution.

Breakaway lanyards for badges

When you are going to buy breakaway lanyards for badges, you need before see information of the Reelstrap innovation which is much better than normal breakaway lanyards for ID badges.

If you have used earlier normal breakaway lanyards for badges, then you are familiar with the situation when you bend down, so the id card to bump the computer keyboard or during meal breaks id-card hits the board to food. Our proprietary Reelstrap solves this problem. Reelstrap can be easily adjusted by a suitable short. Then the ID card does not harm the work and id-card is well visible. After a day of work, you can easily push of a button to rewind the tape Reelstrap in the housing, in which case the Reelstrap runs smoothly involved and is easy to deploy. The Reelstrap is the best answer when you need breakaway lanyards for badges.

breakaway lanyards for badges id

Below video demonstration shows why the Reelstrap is better than normal breakaway lanyards of badges.

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