ergonomic keyboard and mouse wrist rest arm rest
Pauner computer arm rest works well with ergonomic keyboard and with ergonomic mouse

Ergonomic keyboard and mouse wrist support arm rest combination

When you are thinking ergonomic keyboard and ergonomic mouse then you need to see our computer arm rest solution which is better than normal keyboard wrist rest or ergonomic mouse pad, because this Pauner computer arm rest gives support to whole arm and for both hands, so it is also as forearm rest, not only wrist support.

Ergonomic Pauner(TM) keyboard and mouse wrist support armrest combination is easy to install and fits almost all normal desks. Material is comfortable lycra fabric and inside is padding. The armrest´s body is strong metall and wood.

Nowadays a lot of people are working on computer many people have for example carpal tunnel problems on mouse hand. That´s why many people are thinking what is best ergonomic mouse or ergonomic keyboard solution. On market is many kind of wrist support and keyboard wrist rest accessories. Our company group have more than 20 years experience of ergonomic equipment solutions and we want offer under Pauner(TM) brand to our customers only high quality professional desk ergonomic solutions.

Normal wrist support or wrist rest gives support only for wrist but this arm rest support whole arm

Pauner computer arm rest is not only keyboard wrist or wrist support because it is also as ergonomic mouse pad  solution but better

Pauner computer arm rest is easy to install to all desks. If you install this keyboard and mouse arm rest solution to corner desk or to desk which front side is curved, then install only one bracket in the middle ergonomic mouse solution you get when you use Pauner forearm support

wrist rest for keyboard and ergonomic mouse pad you get when by Pauner arm rest

Pauner computer arm rest is good wrist support for typing and mouse wrist rest also for laptop computers.

ERgonomic keyboard and mouse arm rest solution for laptop computers.

Computer arm rest Pauner

High quality professional computer arm rest.

Easy to install to almost all desks.