Keyboard wrist rest

If you are thinking to buy keyboard wrist rest, choose prefer Pauner forearm rest which is better, because it supports both arms and that’s why it reduces the strain on arms and shoulders. Normal basic keyboard wrist rest would support only wrist.

Pauner™ keyboard arm rest you can easily attach to all typical desktops. And then it helps you to work with the mouse and with typing. Even you would already have the best computer mouse or carpal tunnel mouse, you need also the arm rest that you will get ergonomic posture. Together ergonomic mice and forearm support are the best ergonomic equipment solution.

keyboard wrist rest for keyboard and ergonomic mouse pad

keyboard wrist rest VS computer arm rest

keyboard wrist rest Pauner and ergonomic mouse pad

The keyboard wrist rest forearm support together with special thickness mouse pad provides ergonomic working posture for your hand.

keyboard wrist rest wrist support keyboard wrist support

keyboard wrist rest instal info keyboard arm rest

You can easily attache the keyboard wrist rest forearm support to desktop by strong metallic fasteners. If you attache it to corner desk, then use only one fastener to center of the forearm rest.


keyboard wrist rest mouse pad keyboard rest pad

Pauner keyboard wrist rest forearm support product works well also with laptop computer.

keyboard wrist rest computer arm rest with laptop carpal tunnel mouse pad wrist pad for mouse

keyboard wrist rest carpal tunnel mouse ergonomic mice arm rest wrist support for typing

Pauner keyboard wrist rest forearm support

Gives support to the both arms. Reduces the strain on arms and shoulders.