Forearm support computer arm rest
Forearm support computer arm rest

Forearm support computer arm rest with ergonomic mouse pad

Before you are thinking of improving your desk ergonomics by an ergonomic keyboard or an ergonomic mouse you should get this curved Pauner computer arm rest that comes together with a thick mouse pad. This Pauner ergonomic forearm support and mouse pad combination is excellent in relieving normal day-to-day tensions and aches caused by spending endless hours working on a computer. The asymmetric Pauner armrest for computer desk gives support to the whole arm and for both hands, so it is also a forearm rest. The thick mouse pad keeps the mouse hand’s wrist in a straight ergonomic position while using the computer mouse. When using the Pauner desk forearm support the smaller muscles of the upper back and shoulders no longer have to carry the weight, helping to reduce inflammation, fatigue, and pain in these muscle groups.

A Pauner armrest for computer is easy to install to almost all kind of desks with one or two screw fasteners. If you install this keyboard and mouse arm support solution to a corner desk whose front side is curved and concave, then install only one bracket in to the middle of the elbow pad for desk.

forearm support computer arm rest with ergonomic mouse pad

The surface material of the ergonomic arm rest is comfortable lycra fabric, which is warm in winter and cool in summer. The support is padded with foam and upholstered with black lycra fabric. The inner material of the support is made of strong metal and wood.
When using the computer desk armrest, then adjust the height of the ergonomic computer desk so that the arm angle is approx. 100 degrees and arms are relaxed on top of the armrest so that you do not need to lift your hands. The table should not either be adjusted to a too high height so that it raises your arms. You should adjust it to a natural height so that your arms are relaxed and supported by the armrest for desk. A thicker than a normal arm rest mouse pad allows that the mouse hand wrist is straight, so that stress is minimized. The Pauner forearm support can be used together with a normal standard good computer mouse or with a best computer mouse that you can find: a vertical mouse, a RollerMouse or either a carpal tunnel mouse.

forearm support arm rest is better than only wrist support with keyboard and mouse

When you want to improve your computer desk ergonomics then our suggestion is that you buy first one desk elbow pad with the ergonomic mouse pad as it gives support to the whole arm, not only to the wrist as a normal mouse wrist support, wrist pad or a keyboard wrist rest does. Later on, if still needed, you can acquire more ergonomic equipment to improve your keyboard or mouse ergonomics. You might want to have a look at the ergonomic keyboard and mouse equipment, at the best ergonomic mice, at a keyboard wrist support for typing. Also it might be wise to acquire a computer arm / monitor arm. It might be advisable to use the Pauner forearm support together with the best mouse for carpal tunnel syndrome. When you buy online the Pauner computer forearm support, then you don´t need buy any other wrist rest for keyboard.

forearm support arm rest works well also with laptop computer

Our company group has more than 20 years of experience of ergonomic equipment solutions. Under our Pauner ™ brand we want to offer to our customers only professional high quality desk ergonomic solutions.

forearm rest computer arm rest works well wit ergonomic mouse and ergonomic keyboard

keyboard wrist rest or wrist rest for keyboard are not as well than this forearm rest

forearm support computer arm rest with ergonmic mouse pad is better than keyboard arm rest


forearm support computer arm rest with ergomomic mouse pad

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Forearm support with ergonomic mouse pad

Forearm support is easy to install to almost all kind of typical office desks.